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I wanted to start my blog with my all-time favorite country. I usually try to visit new countries but Italy is a country which I would always go back to. And of course, photographing this beauty is a pleasure. That’s why you will see different photos from almost all regions of Italy: Cinque Terre, Venice, Sardinia, Sicilia, and more to be uploaded in the coming months. 

Italy travel print which is a collage of beautiful places in Italy like Cinque Terre, Sardinia, Portofino, Sicily.


I went to Venice during the Venice Mask Carnival 2013 which I can assure you is a must-visit event. The only caveat is that it is very cold and overcrowded so I am also considering visiting in the springtime. Venice Carnival seems to be the only time when Europeans happily want to be photographed. The reason obviously is that they spend time and money on the creation of their costumes and they want professional photos of them.

The best time to photograph them is 6 am in the morning to avoid the crowds. You can imagine 6 am in the morning is freezing cold in February. You need to make sure to wear really warm clothing.

You may end up photographing 50 different people and they really would like their photos to be sent to them. How can this be realized? How can you remember their names and email address?

They indeed have a very practical solution for this. They have contact cards with their photos in their costume and their email addresses. This way it is easy to send the correct photos to the correct addressee.


Image of a woman in costume and Venetian masque during the Venice Carnival, Italy

After this unique photo experience, having collected all these interesting photos, we were ready to go home. We were lucky just to deal with the cold during the festival but on our last day, it started snowing heavily. As it turned into a blizzard, our flight was delayed 24 hours of which 20 hours we were completely exhausted at the airport. No need to say, I am definitely looking forward to visiting again in spring!

A gondola on the canals of Venice in Italy

Canals of Venice in Italy